Simply Bhutan ...a living museum & a photo studio

Simply Bhutan is a unique project that aims to conserve our culture and tradition while generating employment opportunities for young job seekers. The infrastructure portrays ancient Bhutanese architecture which is being lost to modernization. The project is one of its kind in the country. The uniqueness of the structure is in its composition of the materials used. The structure is built reusing old timber, window and door frames and other items from traditional and old demolished houses. The best part is the portrayal of the age-old life styles of the Bhutanese people.


Once in Simply Bhutan, happy ever after.


Engaging and empowering young entrepreneurs through preservation, promotion and showcasing of our traditions and cultural diversity.


The project is targeted for youth with the following objectives;

  • At least 70 % of the youth trained in the photography can be employed to run the project
  • Youth find job opportunities
  • Encourage part time jobs for youth who otherwise are idle
  • Encourage trainees to look at entrepreneurship positively
  • To preserve and promote the Bhutanese culture and tradition
  • To provide a unique experience to visitors /tourists in an innovative way
  • To raise fund to support other youth programme and activities of YDF


Respect: We serve and value all participants, visitors and the members with respect.

Motivation: We create an inspiring and engaging environment to capture the hearts and minds of all participants.

Team work: We cultivate team work by appreciating other's efforts and fostering a sense of belonging.

Sustainability: We strive to achieve sustainability by making it timeless.

Professionalism: We strive for excellence, delivering our services in a professional manner, always ready to serve with a smile.

Exemplary: We are the living example.