Food and Drinks

Just like the many different landscapes, Bhutanese cuisine is just as varied and splendid and every region has its own specialty. Dairy foods, in particular butter and cheese from yaks and cows, are very popular. A lot of meat and poultry like chicken, pork, beef, goat, mutton and yak is consumed, as well as fish. These are usually served in the form of stews (tshoem), with it a wide variety of fresh vegetables and spices like cardamom, ginger, caraway and turmeric. All meals are accompanied by white rice (ha chum) or red rice (eue chum), which is steamed or boiled.

If there's one thing typical for Bhutanese cuisine, it is that the Bhutanese love it spicy! Chillies are not considered to be a seasoning, but a true and valuable vegetable. Therefore, traditional Bhutanese food is lavishly spiced with dried or fresh red and green chillies. While in Bhutan, you ought to try the national dish of Ema-Datsi, consisting of ema (chilli) cooked in datsi (cheese). Everybody has their own interpretations of this recipe and it will excite your senses for sure!

In case if you are hungry while you are experiencing the Magical Moments in Simply Bhutan, you need not worry at all. You can grab something to eat or drink from the Simply Bhutan Suja Cafe.

Besides, the Youth Cafeteria which is face to face with Simply Bhutan serves you with varieties of Bhutanese dishes, Chinese, Indian and Orientals. The cafeteria is run by Yangphel Tour and Treks. Tourists love to eat here!!!