Simply Bhutan Description

Simply Bhutan Project is a living museum and a photo studio with a mission to engage and empower youth entrepreneurs through preservation, promotion and showcasing of Bhutanese tradition and cultural diversity. It is a new initiative taken by YDF for the benefit of the youth in particular and the country as a whole. The project constitutes two major components specifically the youth and the culture. The youth are the future leaders of the country while the culture is one of the four pillars of Gross National Happiness (GNH), and it is of utmost importance that youth are involved in the preservation and promotion of our rich culture. Through this innovative initiative, the project will generate employment opportunities to young job seekers and provide skills through trainings and workshops. Moreover, the project is geared towards raising fund to support YDF in conducting the many youth related programs, now and in future. Thus, the project is one of a kind in the country.

Simply Bhutan is targeted to tourists and visitors coming to Bhutan, wherein they will not only experience a glimpse of ancient Bhutan and the life styles then, but also have the opportunity to participate and be a part of Bhutanese culture. To add value to the experience, the visitors will also receive true Bhutanese hospitality and be served with Bhutanese tea and snacks. The visitors will be charged an entry fee of USD 3/- depending on the services offered.

The infrastructure portrays ancient Bhutanese architecture which is being lost to modernization. The uniqueness of the structure is in its composition of the materials used. The structure is built reusing old timber, window and door frames and other items from traditional and old demolished houses in Bhutan. The interior also maintains the traditional architecture of ancient Bhutan.