Simply Bhutan

Simply Bhutan is a unique project that aims to conserve our culture and tradition while generating employment opportunities for young job seekers. The infrastructure portrays ancient Bhutanese architecture which is being lost to modernization. The project is one of its kind in the country. The uniqueness of the structure is in its composition of the materials used. The structure is built reusing old timber, window and door frames and other items from traditional and old demolished houses. The best part is the portrayal of the age-old life styles of the Bhutanese people.

Lhayee Lugar

The Traditional Cultural Performance (Folk and Mask Dances) Bhutanese folk song and dance, which pre-dates the 2 mask dances, can be classified into two categories1.Zhungdra (classical form) 2.Boedra (court form).The folk songs are natural and intuitive expressions of social mores and beliefs. In addition to the universal themes of love, joy and sorrow, folk songs reflect the interdependence and harmonious coexistence of man, all sentient beings and nature, values that are deeply ingrained in the Bhutanese psyche.Musical instruments like the lute,fiddle,flute and dulcimer accompany the songs and dances during formal occasions and gatherings.

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